Hiring Emerging Talent. Can Gen Z Save the Workforce?

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The perfect storm is brewing. Demographics shifts, the talent shortage, and the skills gap are ready to converge. Employers are going to need help.

By 2030, the youngest of the Baby Boomers will turn 65, and older Gen Xers will be looking at retirement. So who's left to take on the task of saving the workforce? Gen Z. But are they up for the job?

We spoke to employers, industry experts and Gen Zers themselves, to find out what the job market has in store for, and what the expectations are for this emerging talent.

Our ebook examines:

  • A profile of Gen Z
  • The COVID-19 impact on the future workforce
  • Industry pain points: Tech, Manufacturing, and Healthcare
  • What Gen Z wants
  • How employers can enable Gen Z to save the workforce
  • 4 takeaways to reach today’s youngest workers