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Hire from a diverse talent pool

According to the latest DoD military community demographic profile, 31.1% of active-duty members of all branches identify with racial minority groups. Monster and helps you reach a robust and diverse talent pool of over 10 million services members seeking opportunities. Find skilled veterans, easily translate military skills, and connect with diverse talent.

Reach America’s highly-skilled veterans

They’re trained in IT, cyber-security, healthcare, logistics and more. We offer a variety of ways to get your employer brand in front of them to help jumpstart your veteran recruiting efforts.

Unleash the power of Monster and

Access the community of more than 10 million highly skilled and diverse members to recruit veterans that are actively seeking opportunities in your industry.

Veteran Hiring Solutions

See how Monster and can help you attract and hire veteran talent.

Build a veteran friendly employer brand

Highlight your veteran friendly culture and drive applicants.

Veteran friendly messaging

Customizable landing pages

Expert copywriting

Recruit top-notch,
skilled talent

Promote your messaging and job postings to engage veterans.

Targeted media campaigns

Email newsletter promotion

Social advertising

Access a robust and diverse talent pool

Reach over 10 million service members seeking opportunities.

Reach skilled veterans

Easily translate military skills

Connect with diverse talent

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